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Bed Extenders

Add extra cargo space to any truck bed with a bed extender. They are available in silver or black. Choose from brands like AMP Research and Topline.

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Trail FX Extend-A-Truck

Trail FX Extend-A-Truck - TF944

The Extend A Truck from Trail FX installs in seconds and helps support loads that extend past your truck's tailgate. It mounts into any standard 2 inch hitch receiver. It can be adjusted to roof height or truck bed height.
Item ID: TF944


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AMP Research Bed Xtender HD

AMP Research Bed Xtender HD - SKU17753

The AMP Research Bed Xtender HD features a lightweight, super strong aluminum construction and simply flips in and out to add additional cargo space to your truck bed. This bed extender was previously distributed by Westin Automotive and Bestop.
Item ID: SKU17753


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Topline Truck Bed Expander

Topline Truck Bed Expander - SKU17695

The Topline truck bed expander works with virtually all truck bed covers. It has the ability to fold down flat on the tailgate when not in use. The entire unit weighs only 17 pounds and can be easily removed with two release pins. Available in ...
Item ID: SKU17695


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