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BED RUG ® Carpet Bed Mat

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Constructed of the same, durable material as the BedRug liner, BedRug Mat works great with drop-in or spray-in/non-liner applications. Available for most popular truck applications, both styles are cut to match the contour of the truck bed.

With No Liner or Spray-In Liners:
Features 3/4" custom formed foam backing, for a smooth flat work surface. Easily installs with hook and loop fasteners. No damage to the truck bed finish.
With Drop-in Liners:
Features 1/2" thick foam backing, which provides the same smooth flat work surface. Installs directly to the existing drop-in liner with threaded plastic studs.
Optional Tailgate Mat:
Get added protection with the BedRug Tailgate Mat. Works with either style, and easily installs with hook and loop fasteners. Provides cushion for the knees when accessing cargo in the truck bed.


  • Custom Fit: The Bed Rug Mat is custom cut to fit your truck bed. It offers quick and easy installation and can be removed for cleanup.
  • Works with Liners: The Bed Mat works with unprotected factory truck beds as well as with spray on bed liners and plastic drop in liners.
  • Ordering Options: Order the Bed Mat, Tailgate Mat or Both
  • Protects Cargo: The Bed Mat offers a cushion of support for easily damaged goods and keeps keeps your cargo from sliding around your truck bed. The Bed Rug Mat also prevents marring and abrasions to your expensive bed liner.
  • Comfortable: The Bed Mat offers a soft cushion of support that is comfortable for taking a break or tailgating. It's also easy on the knees when crawling in and out of your truck bed to retrieve cargo.
  • Resists Spills: The Bed Mat features a waterproof foam pad that resists spills and stains including gas, oil, chemicals, bleach, and battery acid.
  • Easy To Clean: The Bed Rug Mat offers easy cleaning and maintenance. The mat can be easily vacuumed to suck up dirty and dust, or sprayed off with a garden hose to remove larger debris.


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251955 / 01-C Chevy/GMC Pickup Full Size Heavy Duty Crew Cab (New )
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BedRug Bed Mat
Short Bed Applications
Select Your Application:

PRICE: $149.00
* Fit's Composite Bed
BedRug Bed Mat
Long Bed Applications
Select Your Application:

PRICE: $159.00
BedRug Bed Mat
Drop In
Short Bed Applications
Select Your Application:

PRICE: $99.00
BedRug Bed Mat
Drop In
Long Bed Applications
Select Your Application:

PRICE: $109.00
BedRug Bed Mat
Tailgate Mat Applications
Select Your Application:

PRICE: $49.00
* Fits Composite Bed

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