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Ordering Information

Ordering On-line or by Phone

When you place an order, either online or by phone, make sure you give the most accurate information about your vehicle application. We can only send the you the correct parts based on the information that you give us at the time of your order. We will not be responsible for miss orders due to wrong information. If the wrong information is given to us, the customer is responsible for all return shipping and reshipping of the miss ordered items. If the right information was given and the wrong part was sent, we will take action to correct the problem.

Please DO NOT attempt to fraudulently order any products by check or credit card. We have sophisticated software to help combat credit card fraud. We will prosecute any attempt to the furthest extent of the law.

Payment Methods
By Credit card: We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Paypal
Place Orders By Mail

If you feel more secure ordering by mail you can do so by:
  1. Simply add all desired items to the shopping cart and proceed to the check out.
  2. Fill out the form completely (excluding credit card information).
  3. Submit the order CHECK as your payment.
  4. Print the completed form.
  5. Mail the form along with Check or Money Order to:

3435 Lafayette Rd.
Waterloo, Iowa 50707

Note: If you pay by Money Order, your order will be processed immediately. If you pay by Check, your order will be processed once the check has cleared.

Place Orders By Fax

We can also process your order via fax, simply:

  1. Simply add all desired items to the shopping cart and proceed to the check out.
  2. Fill out the form completely (including credit card information).
  3. Print the completed form.
  4. Fax the form to:

Sales Tax

All internet purchases, whether purchased from Truck or any other internet website are subject to state and local sales and usage taxes. Truck only collects sales and usage taxes for the State of Iowa (see below for additional information). If you reside outside of the State of Iowa, Truck will not collect sales tax for your purchase. It is the customer's responsiblity to pay any applicable sales or usage taxes to their proper authorities. Truck is not responsible for the failure of the end purchaser to pay applicable sales and usage taxes.

Iowa State Sales Tax Requirements (In Accordance with The Iowa Department of Revenue)

All sales of tangible personal property in Iowa are subject to sales tax unless exempted by state law. Sales of services are exempt from Iowa sales tax unless taxed (enumerated) by state law.

State Sales Tax applies if “delivery” of taxable goods or services occurs within the State of Iowa jurisdiction. 'Delivery' is the location in which ownership of product is transferred from the seller to the buyer or the location in which a service is rendered, furnished or performed. If delivery occurs in the State of Iowa jurisdiction, then state sales tax must be collected on the transaction.

Purchase Price / Sale Price: The basis for Iowa tax is the purchase or sale price of tangible personal property or enumerated (taxable) services. 'Purchase price' or 'Sale price' means the total amount of consideration, including cash, credit, property and services, for which personal property or services are sold. All sales of tangible personal property in Iowa are subject to sales tax unless exempted by state law. The retailer must add the tax to the price of the goods or services and collect the tax from the purchaser. The retailer cannot in any way indicate that the sales tax is being 'absorbed'. If sales tax is not paid at the time of purchase, Truck Accessorizer will notify the customer that sales tax will be charged at the time of shipping in accordance to The Department of Iowa Revenue.

State Sales Tax Exceptions: State sales tax expemption is offered to customers who are purchasing an item that is being shipped within the State of Iowa but is purchased for 'resale' purposes . In order to exempt from state sales tax, Truck Accessorizer must be presented with the Resale Tax ID Number (may be submitted in the special instructions at the time of checkout). At no time will Truck Accessorizer exempt a customer from Iowa Sales Tax if the Resale Tax ID Number is not provided.

Product Availability

Most products will be shipped within 24-48 hours of order placement. Some products require additional lead-time. We will do everything we can to make sure you receive your product as quickly as possible. We have distribution centers all over the United States which helps to get your order to you as soon as possible.
Since we ship our products through different distribution centers, we must go through them to get any tracking information.

This process takes time, so we ask that you:

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery before calling to track your order.
Order tracking can be done: Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM ET
No order status will be available online.

Special Orders

Although most items listed on our site are available, there are times when an application is special order. When an item is special order we will contact you to notify you of this. There is a $10.00 special order fee and additional shipping will be added. Special orders must be paid in full before the item is ordered. Special orders are also not returnable.

While Supplies Last/Clearance Products

From time to time parts will become discontinued and no longer available for purchasing from the manufacturer. When this happens the items left in stock are classified as 'While Supplies Last'. This type of purchase is nonreturnable/nonrefundable. Clearance products are those that we have in stock that we no longer want to stock. All clearance products are sold 'As Is' and are nonreturnable/nonrefundable.

Guaranteed Safe & Secure Ordering

Our site uses secure line technology to guarantee your order is protected from loss, misuse and alteration of any information that is collected from you at the time of ordering. All credit card information uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. All personal information is encrypted so it can not be viewed by anyone but us.

Canceled Orders

We try to deliver our products in a very timely manner. With this in mind once the order is submitted they begin processing immediately. Once the item or items have been processed and are in line to ship, they can not be canceled. All orders will be accessed a 5% cancellation fee. Under certain situations the cancellation fee may be waived (pending approval).

Vehicle Description and General Product Information

We ask all customers to provide a vehicle description (as descriptive as possible) to give Truck Accessorizer a chance to cross reference the parts being ordered will fit on the described vehicle. The vehicle description is a vital information to provide us with. We used the vehicle description to locate if the part ordered is correct. If the part ordered does not match the vehicle description the part ordered will be adjusted to reflect the vehicle described to us. If the vehicle description is provided to us incorrectly then the part that gets shipped will be incorrect. It is the customers responsibility to provide Truck Accessorizer with the correct vehicle information so the order can be processed properly. Truck Accessorizer is not responsible for parts shipped out to customers where the vehicle description is not provided accurately (i.e. Year, Make, Model, Cab Style, Bed Style, Tonage, Body Style, Fender Flares, Interior Color).

Please Note: We try to catch any order errors, whether it be our error of a misprint or customer selection/information error. Truck Accessorizer does not guarantee that all order errors will be caught and corrected before shipping.

Product images listed on Truck Accessorizer's web pages are provided for examples only. The image may not reflect the actual product being sold. It is the responsibility of purchaser to verify fit and any visual looks of the product before submitting an order. If you are not sure of how the product looks or if it will fit your vehicle, we suggest you contact Truck Accessorizer's Customer Service before submitting your order.

The word current stands for the current calendar year. If you have the next calendar year vehicle (i.e. a 2011 vehicle in 2010) and the application chart states to current, please contact Truck Accessorizer's Customer Service to verify fit. Truck Accessorizer will not be held liable for any order submitted solely based on the Application Chart. The Application Chart is provided for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed for accuracy.