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Price Matching

We try our hardest to offer the lowest prices on the internet.
However it is impossible for us to know what all of our competitors are selling their products for.
We will beat all reasonable prices on the internet.

What we ask of you is that you:

  • Obtain the exact part number
  • Give us the product and vehicle description
  • URL of the web page of the product
  • All price matches are for exactly identical products and part numbers only
  • Since we offer Free Shipping we only compare delivered prices
  • We can not match items listed on ebay or other auction sites

Please give us your phone number for contact reasons.
We will do price match orders over the phone.
At no time will we match a price on an existing order that has already been processed with us and/or has shipped out to you.

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Note: An exact discount off competitors price is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse price match.